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Thursday, December 11, 2008

pranab mukerjee says sorry

Here is the news item.

No he did not say sorry to the people of India. He said sorry to other nations because he could not protect them. Saying sorry to other nations is a good gesture. But saying sorry to your own country men is a basic gesture. You failed to protect your countrymen. As a power hungry politician I understand that you wont resign. Especially when you have won elections in Delhi and Rajasthan.

But when you can say sorry to a foreign nationals, why don't you have the courage(yes i meant courage) to say sorry to your won countrymen. Shame on you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Caste money and India

The real problem with India is not caste, but money. We can solve lots of problems if we understand the basic issue. While certain upper castes enjoyed affluence in the past, people often misunderstand power to caste rather than money.

If you see today's world, people belonging to the same caste look down other members in their caste based on their affluence. So caste has got nothing to do with it. Its all about money which inturn drive the power.

People who claim to be the saviours of oppressed can be divided into two. One affluent and the other non affluent. Those saviours(atleast who makes the claims) who are affluent, use peoples emotions to trigger caste issues and gain publicity. People who are not affluent really work in solving those issues and they are not known to the real world.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Women President will there be any change

Well its been a long time having written a blog. Am extremely interested in Indian politics as it offers more fun than a movie or a T.V show or a play can offer. But todays post is no fun, but some random thoughts on some of the events that happened last week.

As the nation(or atleast those who supported Pratibha Patil) celebrates for its first Women President, lets have a look at some of the news.

1. Women foetus found in a garbage in some district in Orissa.
2. A ten year old injured when some miscreants teased her in Public(think it took place in the Capital or Mumbai)
3. YSR making comments against Chandrababu Naidu which is like insulting motherhood.
4. A three year old girl, let me stress THREE YEAR OLD GIRL raped and killed.

Yet we have to believe that things will change if a women president comes to power.
Woman/Man the need of the hour is a President with Iron fist, who acts tought on the government so that women and elders live a life with dignity. And we the people lost one more chance in electing such a human being.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Why Roger is the greatest ever Tennis player

Its been a long time to have hit some Realistic Thoughts. Got some free time yesterday and hit one which is close to my heart. Tennis and Roger Federer. I used to watch Tennis right during the days of Stefan Edberg, Becker, McEnroe, Connors, Lendl. Those people played some quality tennis. Next came the likes of Sampras, Agassi, Ivanesevic and all those clay court players from spain, france argentina, chile etc. Thats when i stopped following Tennis.

Yes Sampras and Agassi where great players(not the greatest). But some how they did not impress me. May be because of the two fisted play of Agassi. May be because to much reliance on power by Sampras, Ivanesevic. They never had the elegance of Edberg. There was one fella who played some quality tennis during that era. Patrick Rafter. I could not name anyone else.

Then came Roger Fedrer. Ho what a player he is. He is an amazing player and more than that he is a natural sports person. I am sure he would have posed a tough challenge to Tiger Woods or Sachin Tendulkar if has chosen Golf or Cricket. Unfortunately for the likes of Roddick, Nadal he took Tennis.

To me he is greater than others because, he is a sort of player who do not rely two much on Power(Look at the number of Aces in the recent U.S.Open. 66 after playing 7 matches compared to 100 odd by Roddick. Others in the list surpassed 50+ before quaterfinal stage, but none could surpass this guy.

He gives an opportunity to others. He is not one sided like Sampras, who relies more on his serve. He has a good serve(not booming), but if you can return well you have a chance against him. But again you have to be consistent.

He plays from the baseline. May be if you have the power and stamina of Nadal, you can beat him in some clay courts. Other than that you should be extremely talented to match his angles to win rallies. C'mmon if you want to win a Set/Match against him you have to win more such rallies. That means you have to consistent through out.

Roddick and Nadal are playing some amazing tennis too. If they were born in a different era they would have become greats. Unfortunately for them, they are in the same era of Roger. Unlucky for them.

As James Blake summed up.

“There are just too many things he does well,” said James Blake, after falling to Federer in the quarters here. “He doesn’t panic. He plays offense unbelievably well. He plays defense better than anyone I’ve ever played. He makes so many gets…volleys well, serves well. He’s got the biggest forehand in the game…. He’s handled the pressure of being No. 1 in the world.”

To me he is not King of Tennis. He is God.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Troubles that plague India and its growth.

After some thoughts I felt that following are the items that hampers the growth of India. The items are listed not on priority, but what came to my mind earlier.

1. Lack of Self Discipline among Individuals.

People when on road, theatres, beach, cinema halls, absolutely do not care about their environment, fellow citizens. They spit, shit, litter without any amount of shame. There is absolute no sense of Self Discipline. This has got nothing to do with Education. Even Software professionals, government employees and officials of private companies behave this way.

2. Lack of respect to fellow citizens.
There is absolutely no respect for fellow citizens. When doing something we don't even think even for a second, how will it impact fellow citizens. Lack of respect for pedestrians when driving. Lack of respect for signals. Lack of respect for Queue in Stations, Theatres, Kiosks and what not.

3. Social imbalance and insensitivity towards it, by the government.

Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer and the government is still insensitive. What is happening is that Rich is becoming Richer, Poor is becoming poorer. Rich become richer by using the loop holes in the society. Be it in businessmen, consumer traders, shop owners, rich farmers, they all evade the tax.

Banks, cell phone operators, credit card operators,insurance operators and many more, use the lack of awareness among consumers, offer lucrative deals and cheat consumers of their ignorance. As a result poor and middle class become poorer. Some crooked middle class who is aware of all this use this same means to become richer. So the end result there is a huge gap between the poor and rich in the society.

4. Lack of self esteem. People worship Individuals(movies, politics, sports) and have low self esteem towards themselves, so that they look around for heroes to worship. We build temples for them. We go crazy for them. We care more for the celebrities than our parents, friends and acquaintances. Encouraging family based politics than talent based politics. Pathetic.

5. Bad treatment of Tax Payers(Especially Salaried class) by the government. The politicians milk the salaried class as much as possible, ignore the poor and never care to bracket the rich. Afterall its the rich who pay's their election money. So they aren't troubled much. As a result the gap between Poor and Rich increases.

5. Bad treatment of Consumers. By everyone right from a local trader who sells provisions , Big shops,
Malls, Banks, Government Offices and what not.

7. Lack of respect of law by the citizens to grow fast in life.(Crooked Citizens). This is prevalent right from Kashmir to Kanayakumari. And what not, the law itself is so fragile that it encourages the citizens to seek crooked ways to cheat government, fellow citizens, consumers and many more.

8. Bad/Selfish/Insensitive/Narrowminded politicians and citizens. After all the politicians are one among citizens. People see politics as a career rather than service to people. As a result they all the crooked means to become a politician. So this makes them bad with the power they have, selfish in the sense its enough if they their family survives, insensitive to peoples feelings, narrowminded.

9. Pathetic constitution, Democracy and Laws. In the name of Democracy , human rights, the citizens are being ruined. I am ashamed that the basic Laws are framed with the following phrase in mind. "Many criminals can be allowed to roam freely, but not a single innocent should be punished". The court in the name of lack of evidence is allowing these criminals(especially politicians) to roam freely thereby punishing more innocents in the society. This basic thinking is flawed in Indian Democracy.
Infact more innocents are suffering because of this criminals.

10. Lack of respect to other religion and community by fellow citizens. All those communal flares.

11. Casteist politicians/citizens.

For selfish needs politicians/citizens use Religion, Caste, which results in huge loss of life, valuables.

Let me think more.

Monday, May 10, 2004

My First

This is my First Blog. Not sure if i will be posting regularly. But i want to make sure that what ever i post does make sense.